Data Center Operator
Future Focus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Skill -Windows/AD ProspectiveCreation/Modification/Disable of User IDPassword ResetUser ID Lock Unlock as per the requestPrinter and Folder AccessProvide Ethos access in Citrix Create folder for the same on file serverAdd/Remove access from requested GroupsDelete Duplicate system s entry from ADMove User/System Servers to Respective OURegister User devices in Symantec VIP manger Remove entry from AD/Trendmicro/Websense of Disable userProvide WiFi access/ allow Mac address in DHCP serversExchange ProspectiveCreation/Modification/Disable of User MailboxCreation/Modifcation/Deletion of WorkgroupAdd/Remove from WorkgroupsMessage Tracking in ExchangeCreate Email contactChecking space of Logs drivesMonitoring CPU Memory utilization of Exchange/HUB cas serversBackup ProspectiveMonitoring Symantec/vRanger backup job statusRe-trigger failed/Missed Backup jobs in Symantec vRangerGo to DC for insert blank tapeErase Old Backup tapes for Weekend backup jobsSegregation of Weekend backup tapes Delete expired backup jobs in Symantec vRanger to create space on driveVM and Citrix ProspectiveCreate and Prepare VMs as per the requestIncrease/Decrease Hardware resources of VM as per the requestMigrate VMs to other ESXi Host as per the requirementChanging Datastore of VM as per the requirementEnable/delete Snaspshot of VMs as per the requestPower on/off of VMs as per the requestMonitoring CPU/Memory utilization of Vcenter Server/ESXi/ VMsCreate and Prepare VM for Citrix infraReset user Citrix Profile as per the requestLogoff user sesson from Citrix Directory Enable server maintance mode as per the requirementNetwork ProspectiveMonitoring of MPLS/PRI linkChecking top talker/ other details in Router RiverbedPull link utilization report from TATA portalChange Switch Port configuration as per the requirementWhitelist/DLP/Create Tunnle for Websites in Wensense as per the requestWhitelist of client Email ID/Domain in Iron Port and Symantec Control PanelBlock Sender ID/Domain in Ironport and Symantec control panelEmail tracking in Ironport and Symantec Control PanelAdd MAC address in ACS for WiFi accessNotice period: Immediate Only interested candidates apply for the opening. Fresher do not apply.