Area Technical Manager
Capital First Limited
Ernakulam, Kerala
Area Technical Manager - (19000IG0)

Recruitment & training of technical agencies ( Civil Engg/ architects) ( negotiate on TAT, rates, formats, local tech issues, train on local bye laws, photographs, check points on visits etc).

Building Property Price Index in key markets and check valuation span to monitor key trends in macro-economic factors, interest rates, fluctuations in property prices.

Build relationship with key Builders/ Developers and get project approvals on technical aspects and thereafter help monitor constructions status on periodic intervals. Organize and maintain such project database and provide periodic reports to management on activities and trends.

Segmentation of markets based on property types and identifying properties with high risks or in negative areas (e.g lowline, very low chance of resale, poor quality construction, old constructions areas etc.)

Guide and develop "technical policy" and monitor the portfolio/ delinquencies related to technical aspects.

Train Credit team, processing staff on the technical aspects and checkpoint for validation.

Does audit and collect market info about agencies and delist agencies/ developers where ever required.

Develop checks and process to control Fraud , built database and dedupe for multiple funding or excess funding on properties e.g circle rates , reference rates to credit team, database of properties under dispute as per securitization notices by different banks as public notices, properties under public notice/ court notice/ in tech agencies data base under dispute etc)

Help collections tie-up with brokers and negotiate rates for resale of properties surrendered, takeover through legal process, or any other property bought rented by business.

Reporting and ensuring all the process n policy norms met. (audit report and portfolio reports on LTV, ageing, legal cases etc)


A technical degree in Civil engineering from a reputed institute

6-9 years of experience in secured loans

A good understanding of Mortgage & Housing finance

Good analytical skills and understanding of financial statements

Primary Location: Kochi-Ernakulam Branch
Job: JF027_Credit Underwriting
Job Posting: 22-08-2019, 7:01:50 AM