Senior Administrative Asst
JP Morgan Chase
Mumbai, Maharashtra
➢ Executive Assistance to ED’s MD, CFO, VP’s

➢ Calendar Management

➢ Travel Management – Domestic & international, Local cab arrangements, Insurance arrangement

➢ Approvals – Systemic & email

➢ General Administration – Re-stack of seating’s, procurements, DL Maintenance, Billing and expense claim, Arranging Outdoor activities, Town hall & Other Events organizing, Allowances to team for weekend or national holiday support, New joining requests, Exit requests

➢ Managing ED Company Initiatives – Autism at Work

➢ Supervision of housekeeping jobs

➢ Co-ordinate with existing Clients, vendors.

➢ Organize client, partner meetings

➢ Managing all office activities on a day-to-day basis.

➢ Coordinate Travel Booking/ hotel reservations

➢ Coordinate with employees

➢ Preparation of HR Policies & MIS reports

➢ Research for new Products

  • Executive assistance whenever demanded by any of the ED's or VP's
  • Travel arrangements (Domestic & International) for all ED's and VP's as and when request comes
  • Local transportation (Cab bookings) along with travel and also for visitors.
  • Procurements & raising of PO in E-purchase
  • Virtual EMS room bookings
  • Taking care of Global absence tracker for HLT Team
  • On-call allowance for all HLT employees
  • Townhall arrangements for HLT India & room booking and co-ordination for HLT Global Townhall & arrangements for CCB Town hall's on request
  • Approvals raising - EAB, Infrastructure, Procurement, Travel
  • Concur billing for VP's, ED's and some other employees
  • External Vendor management - Room booking, access to premises, other arrangements as required
  • Request Center (EURC) for HLT - Originations and others as required
  • Button ticket - Raising and resolution assistance to Mumbai staff
  • Car arrangements
  • Weekly HLT approvals with ED
  • SharePoint management - Making of new links, any other tasks on request
  • on-boarding of new employees - Raising EURC request for new hire, co-ordination with manager for access card, providing new headset and other stationery
  • CCB 10 Years Event - vendor management - tasks allocated for Floor Decorations for all locations HYD, MUM & BLR, cafeteria decorations, Games arrangements and stall arrangements, any adhoc as required
  • Re-stack for HLT planned for April mid
  • Budgeting for Wellness, training & infra, Stationery & Hardware & travels for 2019 year and sending for approvals on HLT level at CCB Approval.