Ward Secretary
Apollo Hospitals
K K Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

To ensure that the patient and attendees are oriented well about the facilities available in the wards and about the institution.

To update the doctor visit in the billing card on a daily basis
To prepare the Supplementary card & submit it to the billing department once in 5 days.
To ensure that the billing card is counter signed by the Sister Incharge


To orient the patient / attendee about the discharge process.
To distribute feedback forms and get the filled-up forms from patient / attendees.
To collect the all the reports as per IP reports.
After summary completed, to fix the appointment for review.
To get the billing clearance slip (Pink colour) from the patient and handed over all the reports to the patient / attendee and get the signature from them in the Log register and discharge checklist.
If case of pending reports, pending report authorization form to be given to the patient / attendee.
To book appointment for the patient for the post discharge review as per the information available in discharge advice and to orient the patient / attendee about the same.
To intimate the discharge to concerned departments like housekeeping, dietary, admission counter through system.


To coordinate with the duty medical officers / Consultants to get the discharge summary ready at the time of discharge.
To complete the first draft for planned discharges on the previous day.
To check that all the details of patient are correct in the draft copy and counter sign in the summary.
To ensure that the discharge medicine has been verified by the clinical pharmacist before taking fair copy.


To prepare bed status on the notice board.
To visit each patient and enquire his or her need before 12-noon every day and to coordinate with the concerned departments accordingly.
To attend to phone calls.
To maintain the patient’s case sheet neatly with all the necessary materials including investigation reports, Progress sheet, Diet chart, Consent forms and billing card etc.,
To update the day’s work in the secretary’s log book.
To follow up and collect the investigation reports and maintain the same as per the Credit / Cash mode.
To maintain required charts and stationary items in the modular morning and evening.
To obtain billing consent before surgery.
To co-ordinate with Transport department if the patient needs ambulance services for transportation after discharge.
To devolve the completed medical files with all the necessary materials to Medical Records Department with in the time frame.
To perform any job / task as and when assigned by the superior.

Intensive Care Unit / Critical Care Unit & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

To do registration done for new born baby.
Birth intimation to be given to MRD.
To co-ordinate with admission counter and wards for patient transfer.
To follow the forms like Consent / Critical illness form etc.,

To update the Against Medical Advice (AMA), Death Register regularly.

In case of expiry / AMA

To help the relatives / attendees
To speed up the billing procedure with in 1 hour.
To pass the death information to concerned departments through mail.

In case of MLC death, patient death summary, death certificate photocopies to be handed over to Transport.
To maintain all records pertaining to ACE.
To prepare ACE reports without delay.
To adhere to the safety norms of hospital and follow both patient safety and staff safety rules.
To perform any job / task as and when assigned by the superior.

Key Competencies

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Professional knowledge

Emotional stability & behavioral approach

Time management

Typing Skills’