Alpha Fortress
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Manage web infrastructure consisting of Linux Servers.
Tune the servers as per their roles - as Web-servers, Database servers, Application Servers, Media Servers, Load Balancers etc.
Ensures high availability of the Servers and Applications running on these servers using various monitoring/automated scripts/tools.
Continuously work to Speed-up the request delivery/servicing of the servers based on nature of application and requests being served.
Maintain backups of configuration and data.
Ensures servers are monitored 24x7 and timely actions are taken on any incident.
Provide consultancy to product/development teams on developing efficient programs.
Writing scripts for procurement, configuration and deployment of instances; for managing system admin tasks.
Managing any cloud (AWS, GCP, AZURE) product and services like VPC, EC2, ELB, Route53, RDS, S3, Elastic Cache, Cloudfront, Dynomodb and more.
Managing system resources using Ansible, Chef, puppet or similar configuration management tools.
Managing git repositories.
Managing CI/CD including containers and kubernetes.
Managing high availability, low latency applications.
Focus on security best practices to ensure assist in security and compliance activities.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputed institute.
Strong background in DevOps.
Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud (AWS, GCP, AZURE) any of these.
Practical knowledge of shell scripting and at least one scripting language (Python or Ruby, Perl).
Sound experience with Docker, Microservices, Apache, Nginx.
Strong understanding of multi-AZ deployment, rolling deployments.
Lead the maintenance of ElasticSearch/Redis/RabbitMQ in a highly available architecture hosted on AWS server.
Familiar with implementing Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment practices.
Understanding of Service Oriented Architectures, Micro Services and Distributed System.
Must have strong knowledge of internet protocols such as FTP, SFTP & HTTP/S.
Must have excellent understanding of the technical fundamentals of the Internet.
Should have knowledge of CI/CD, Shell scripting and AWS.
Must have experience in Monitoring and performance tuning (Nagios, Zabbix).