Executive Assistant to Founders
New Delhi, Delhi
A home for data teams around the world.
Now in 50+ countries and growing with supersonic speed.
We are loved by incredible data teams in over 200 companies!
Our awesome investors and advisors include WaterBridge Ventures, 500 Startups, Rajan Anandan, Ratan Tata, Manoj Menon, and more.

We are reimagining the human experience of working with data. Join us on our mission of helping data teams around the world do their lives’ best work!

We build with all our

Our customers work on solving some big, tough problems. We make this experience an absolute delight. The result? Only wins!

And nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers winning. This is why we are building a team with strong values, love for our users, and people who put their heart and soul in everything they do.

Do your life’s best work

From man’s first step on the moon to our first flight, there were extraordinary Humans of Data backing the great achievements of mankind. We believe that our achievements in the future — landing on Mars, the cure for cancer, self-driving cars — will always be backed by data teams working behind the scenes. We are looking to power data teams around the world and help them do incredible things. Want to join the ride?

All you need is a whatever-it-takes approach to help our founders optimize their time and help them be their best selves at work.
What you will do?
Shadow founders to external and internal meetings, take detailed notes, and schedule follow-ups with internal and external stakeholders.
Manage and track key projects internally and externally.
Plan and schedule travel, meetings, conferences, and teleconferences.
Read, research, and produce concise notes and one-pagers on various topics and organizations to help the founders prepare for meetings effectively.
Screen and answer phone calls on behalf of the founders and leadership team.
Coordinate events like foreign delegation visits or other external visits.
Assist in building presentations.
Create concise reports and documents and verify important facts.
Track key metrics across teams to enable the founders and leadership team to keep track of the health of the company.
What makes you a match for us?
You have great written and spoken communication skills.
You have past experience managing the offices of CEOs/CXOs.
You have an ability to work in an international and multicultural team.
You have an ability to work independently with minimal supervision and follow-up requests from senior management.
You are detail oriented with great planning capabilities.
You are an expert at taking minutes and handling follow-ups with various kinds of stakeholders ranging from union ministers to our office admins.
At Atlan, we celebrate diversity and uniqueness. If you are interested in helping us build a company that we can be proud of, we’d suggest you apply now!