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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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Job description

Selected Recruiter's day-to-day responsibilities include:
1. Developing and working on the talent acquisition strategy
2. Researching about the industry landscape and identifying talent hotspots
3. Identifying staffing needs and sourcing candidates accordingly
4. Scheduling interview calls with potential candidates sourced through multiple job portals and networks
5. Assisting in terms of screening profiles pertaining to different roles
6. Work on Technology based profiles and involve in the shortlisting process
7. Create Employer Branding Strategies for White Panda
8. Engage with Potential Talent Pool available within the industry through different Networking Events, etc.

About White Panda

White Panda as a platform offers a convenient content creation process to Digital Agencies, Brand-turned-Publishers, SAAS companies, and E-commerce platforms without the need for Micromanagement.

Being built with a model based on Language, Human Resources and Marketing, the company works with thousands of content creators to power content marketing for hundreds of leading brands. Some of our notable clients include Radisson, Apollo, Axis Bank, PNB Housing, three of the top 10 marketing agencies in India, and so on. The core team at White Panda is a diverse range of professionals who are alumni of institutions like IITs, BITS, and Goldman Sachs. The venture is funded by highly successful entrepreneurs, Tier-1 investors, and IIT Gandhinagar; and is also cash flow positive.

In the outset, the purpose of any content is to educate or entertain. We aim to have an impact on end consumers by elevating the quality of Education/Entertainment by partnering with 40 Lakh businesses globally.