Associate, City Training and Learning (Student Leadership)
Pune, Maharashtra
The Associate, City Training and Learning will continuously learn about Student Leadership Development through teaching and creating tools, resources, and experiences to drive that learning across Teach For India, Pune to impact student outcomes. S/he will develop an expertise in pedagogy and curriculum through a continuous focus on research and learning, iterations and pilots. Operating in alignment with the vision of the Leadership Development Journey framework, S/he will create a plan and devise strategies to implement across the city for targeted citywide projects. S/he will be responsible for refining our vision of student leadership and bringing that into focus in all our work.

Team Overview
With 30 staff members supporting 200 fellows towards 10,000 students, Teach For India Pune is one of the largest and oldest sites of TFI.
The Pune City Operations team has the exciting and challenging role of driving the Teach For India’s vision and mission. This involves, on one hand, transforming the lives of the students we serve and bridging the achievement gap with their high-income peers. On the other hand, we must develop a movement of leaders who are working across sectors to solve the educational crisis. And finally, we’re cognizant that our mission demands spreading awareness and building public and private support for our mission, thus ensuring our endurance and ability to fulfill our long-term mission. The team works with various stakeholders in the city of Pune, including Alumni, Government, Corporations, Foundations, and NGOs to drive this vision.

What Teach For India Can Offer You
1) A challenging yet flexible workplace in which every individual employee’s staff journey is tracked for excellence and leadership development.
2) A work environment in which employees’ holistic well-being is a core priority, enabling people to be their best selves.
3) The opportunity to be part of one of the most established and visionary movements in the education sector in India which is at a pivotal point in terms of expanding its scale and outreach across the nation and working with changemakers across the country.
4) Access to connections and resources from the global Teach For All network that includes partner organisations spanning 48 countries across 6 continents.
5) Remuneration that is competitive with Indian NGO pay scales and a benefits package that includes extensive medical insurance and maternity coverage for both parents
The responsibilities of this role include but are not limited to:

A. Research & Design

Establish an overall plan to research and learn about Student Leadership Development using the design thinking to understand current reality, challenges and needs of our children and the vision for our context in moving towards building a student movement
Facilitate Training for the Fellows, Program Managers towards Student Leadership and Fellow Leadership
B. Empower & Learn

Create City Training Plan in collaboration with the City Training Manager
Collaborate continuously with Program Staff in the city on shared projects and learning discussions to deepen our understanding of Student Leadership
With the Program Leads and PMs, monitor and evaluate learnings from different classrooms and Students to distill learnings back into the program
Build and support a team of students, fellows and partners towards the regional Student Leadership pilots such as the Kid’s Education Revolution

Minimum Qualifications, Skills and Competencies
At least 2 years of teaching in a low-income school with evidence of leading students to holistic development
Strong curricular and pedagogical knowledge
Excellent Planning and Execution skills
Ability to work independently in design and collaboratively in implementation
Excellent Communication Skills
Building Relationships and enabling and influencing others towards shared vision and learning

Preferred Qualifications, Skills and Competencies
Continuous Learning & Reflection: Ability to seek out feedback and reflect on one's own practice
Theories of child development and teacher development
Strong Knowledge Management
Data Analysis