Greenfield Software
Kolkata, West Bengal
Job Description
The intern(s) will be responsible for design and development of statistical models and Analytics Software. The models will be based on historic as well as real-time sensor data.

GreenField Software is looking for students of statistics or mathematics (with sufficient coursework in statistics) for an internship program. The duration of the internship can be from 2 to 6 months. The students will work on projects related to analytics. The students should be familiar with programming in Python and statistical packages. Programming knowledge in Java will be helpful but not essential. The students should have in depth background in Markov model, Bayes theorem, Girvan-Newman method, Regression and Tests of Hypothesis. This internship would offer students, looking for a career in Business Analytics and Data Science,a practical and results oriented assignment to build Analytic software based on real-time sensor data. The students must be from reputed Institutes/Universities with good grades and teacher recommendations.

Statistical modelling and implementation of Business Analytics Software

Intern – duration of 2 to 6 months

Educational Qualification
Students of Statistics or Mathematics from reputed Institutes or Universities.


Skill Set
Statistical models
Statistical software packages, preferably R
Programming language such as Python/Java
Good understanding of Markov model, Bayes theorem, Girvan-Newman method, Regression and Tests of Hypothesis
Stipend will be paid

Working Location
Kolkata, India.