Assistant Manager - HR Co-ordinator
Gurgaon, Haryana
Channelplay is one of India's leading retail marketing companies, working with most of the world's leading mobile phone, laptop and consumer electronics brands on their retail marketing efforts in India.
We've grown explosively over the last 6 years of our existence, and currently have over 3000 employees across the country delivering the best in retail marketing to our clients.
A large number of Channelplay's 3000 employees are front-line sales and marketing professionals based in over 300 cities.
We currently hire more than 200 people a month.
The ability to hire high quality resources within aggressive timelines and through a robust recruitment process is a key competitive advantage of Channelplay.
To be able to do so, we have built a team of 20 field recruitment professionals based in 20 different cities across the country.
A selected candidate would be a member of that team.
Roles and Responsibilities -Interact with multiple stakeholders to understand job descriptions, and create a pool of appropriate candidates.
  • Assess and interview candidates to create a shortlist of selected candidates.
  • Coordinate with various stake-holders to schedule walk-ins, one-on-one interview etc.
  • Develop and manage a pool of candidates who are pre-selected for various profiles.
  • Develop and manage relationships with candidate sources such as colleges, vocational institutes, local agencies etc.
Key skills required Recruitment