Consultant - Advisory_PI - National - IT Advisory - New Delhi
New Delhi, Delhi
Job Title (Internal/External) : Consultant (FTE)

Job Location(s) : Gurgaon

Reporting Manager’s Name : Satish Menon

No of Positions : 1

  • Post graduate in Public Health Management
  • Experience in Health communication and Vector Borne Disease segment
  • Strong analytic and program management skills
Job Role :
1. Project Management and project Delivery for Public health projects
2. Assisting in Business Developmental activities in the Public Health sector
3. Driving the Go to Market strategy for Vector Borne and Non Communicable disease segment
4. Developing project proposals and Pitches for Public Health

Academic Qualifications : Masters in Public Health Management

Experience : 3-4 years experience in Public Health Management
Experience in Vector Borne Disease segment (Dengue, Malaria)
Experience of working with Govt (State/Central Ministries)

Likely Companies : Ministry of Health & Family welfare, WHO, UNICEF, DFID