Unit HR Head
Shoppers Stop Ltd
Chandigarh, Chandigarh
KPI - Weight - Measure of Performance:
Talent Acquisition - 20
Closure of all positions with in TAT.
92% and above manpower availability at all times.
Have pipeline of candidates; with 1 candidate per A&P role, and 10% as backup for CCA roles.
Recruitment cost to be below budget.
Employment cost not to exceed plan.
Engagement & Retention - 15
2 fun/celebrations events in a Month.
1 R&R event in a Qtr.
1 CSR event in a Qtr.
Increase ASI score by.
20% for score below 60.
10% for 61 to 80.
5% for 81 to 90.
Attrition rate to be below target.
Zero attrition in the first 2 months.
Zero man-days loss due to employee relations issues.
Talent Management; Learning & Development - 20
Higher number of employee promoted internally than pervious area average.
Support and monitor all BK as per Training schedule.
Complete 1 Man-days of training every Month for every Employee.
100% Induction for all - (within 30 Days for External/Manipal & within 7 days internal).
Deliver 1 Training session every month yourself.
Lead Job Rotation & Skill development program with 1 rotation for every CCA in a year.
Support iConnect Program.
Compliance - 30
100% brand staff compliance.
98% and above in Domestic compliance reports every month.
95% and above in HR Audit.
Share MSR of last Month to Area HR and SO HR by before 10th of each month.
More than 90% man-hours compliance to Palm/Biometric.
100% adherence to Black in fashion & Uniform guidelines.
Communication - 15
1 Meet & Greet meeting in a month with Minutes displayed on board (except Sale month).
Organize 1 skip level meeting for every employee once in 6 months.
Communication Forums as advised by Area HR.