Inox Leisure Ltd
Jaipur, Rajasthan
1. Ensure every Guest visiting is Greeted, Welcomed and made aware of the INSIGNIA product

2 Providing excellent customer service as per standards.

3 Ensure that minimum of 10 Guest Contact details are updated and maintained with the INSIGNIA database.

4 Ensure the Service & Hygiene Standards are adhered strictly in the Lounge & Auditorium.

5 Understand the importance of movie promotions and certification knowledge, synopsis and pricing and gives the

same to the Guest and displays knowledge of movie merchandise.

6 Exhibit high level of product knowledge of Lounge, Auditorium and INSIGNIA Menu (Including Signature


7 Understands the SHOW BIZZ system processes, transactions related with all modes of payments.

8 Has knowledge of the cash handling procedures and performs them without shortages or excess and performs all tasks in all the areas as per the SOP.

9 Ensures that discipline in the Auditorium is maintained at all times by patrons, by not allowing any copy – recording – shouting and ensures that the Auditorium standards with relation to the on screen – seating – sound – A/C – lighting– entries and exits.

10 Follows the RDR drop - opening shift - closing shift procedure without deviations, and ensures that records in the relevant forms and formats are updated shift wise