Senior Software Development Engineer
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Building cloud scale products with focus on efficiency, reliability and security.
Building relationships with customers and partners to understand business goals and technical requirements.
Owning the products and driving them end to end, all the way from gathering requirements, development, testing, deployment to ensuring high availability post deployment.
Contribute to the architecture & design of the products.
Helping evolve engineering practices & principles that marry the flexibility of open source and fast pace of service world.
Ensuring the consistency of designs of features and components for high availability, reliability, security and Scale.
Triaging issues and implementing solutions to restore service with minimal disruption to the customer and business.
Perform root cause analysis, trend analysis and post mortems.

Delivering Cloud services in an engineering role
Committing or contributing to any Open Source big data technologies
Enterprise products design and implementation (Java/C#/C++)
Distributed systems design and implementation
Combinatorial optimisation algorithms (any domain)
Apache Hadoop (HDFS/MR)
Apache YARN/Hive/HBase
Apache SPARK/Jupyter/Zepppelin
Apache MESOS
Apache Tez
Microsoft Azure Services (any)