Male Warden
Bellary, Karnataka
  • The Wardens shall be responsible for the health, hygiene and general
welfare of the Athletes residing in the Hostels which are specifically
assigned to him/her and shall attend to all matters of heath, sickness, diet,
sanitation and cleanliness in accordance with the advice of the Medical
Officer and Health Officer.
  • The Warden shall be responsible for the resident Athletes and shall
ensure that the athletes concerned observe the rules framed for their
guidance and maintenance of decorum.
  • He/she shall have the right to inspect Hostel Rooms.
  • The Wardens, functioning under the over-all charge will be individually
and collectively responsible for the smooth functioning of the Hostels.
  • The Warden will be responsible for the assigned resident athletes.
  • The Warden shall promptly take appropriate action within his/her power
on all cases of misbehaviour, indiscipline, and sickness of the residents in
his/her charge and report to CEO IIS and other higher authorities for
cases beyond his/her powers.
  • The Wardens shall be available in the hostel office every day at specified
  • The Wardens shall be responsible for the proper upkeep and
maintenance of properties of the hostel under his/her charge.
Required Experience: 1-10 Years

Educational Qualification**:
UG: Any Graduate - Any Specialization
PG: Any Postgraduate - Any Specialization
Excellent communication skills
Health and Recreation
Awareness of when issues should be considered under the Institute’s
disciplinary procedures for athletes.
  • A demonstrable commitment to upholding the Institute’s equality and
diversity commitment.
  • Able to maintain an approachable manner at all times.
  • An ability to maintain a good disciplinary environment for the quiet
enjoyment of all Athletes in the residence.
  • Good rapport with the Athletes and genuine concern for their welfare.
  • An understanding of the importance of being supportive to the athletes
who are experiencing personal problems or difficulties. Ability to direct
Athletes to the most appropriate source of assistance or advice.
  • An understanding of when issues should be referred to higher authorities.
. Skillset Required: • Clean criminal record.
  • Previous experience in a similar role would be desirable.
  • Working with children and young adults.
  • Ability to communicate in Hindi.