Manager, Finance
Munich Re
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Preparation of Financial Statements under Indian GAAP, IFRS
Preparation of Financial Statements in the format and as per the regulations prescribed by IRDAI. In line with the Accounting Statements issued by ICAI
Identifying differences between Indian GAAP and IFRS and preparation of financials as per IFRS for group company reporting
To obtain unqualified statutory audit report
Support Internal audits of accounting processes to ensure highest operating effectiveness ratings. Set up an internal control framework for the organisation
Ensure timely resolution of manage letter points, if any
Payment to vendors and employees
Ensure timely payment to vendors and employees
Ensure payments are properly supported and in accordance with Company policy
Accounting of company transactions
Measured by timely update of payments and receipts on Company’s ledgers
Ensure accurate recording of transactions
Ensure transactions are recorded in accordance with local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Prepare bank reconciliation statements and ensure reconciling items are dealt promptly
Documentation of accounts close process and compliance with same.
Compliance with Munich guidelines (blue collection) and Indian Companies Act
Billing to customer and ensure collection
Internal reporting
To assist in providing high quality internal monthly and quarterly reports to senior management with professional analysis
Compliance with Tax regulations – withholding tax, remittance and filing Returns
Ensuring timely remittance of withholding taxes and Corporate taxes
Measured by timely and accurate filing of all Tax returns (except payroll withholding tax).
Follow up on tax assessments and prompt response to tax notices and follow up on refunds
Ensure compliance with the withholding tax obligations while making payments to vendors
Manage cash flows
Ensure idle funds are invested in safe bank deposits on a timely basis
Ensure also sufficient funds are maintained to support cheques issued
Data storage for business continuity
Ensure all key documents and supporting are properly archived (soft copies as well as hardto allow for future recovery
Company law compliance
Support maintenance of board minutes
Ensure Timely filing of Annual returns as per provisions of Companies Act

Chartered Accountant with relevant experience in Accounting and Finalisation.
Atleast 2-3 years of experience in Finalisation team in general insurance company

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