Team Leader - Partner Retention (Outbound sales)
Bengaluru, Karnataka
We are looking for a qualified team leader to manage our team and provide effective guidance. You will be responsible for supervising, managing and motivating team members on a daily basis.
As a team leader, you will be the contact point for all team members, so your communication skills should be excellent. You should also be able to act proactively to ensure smooth team operations and effective collaboration.
Ultimately, you should lead by setting a good example and engage the team to achieve goals.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Driving the Quality and Productivity Targets & key performance Indicators (KPI) of the team.
  • Building a strong and efficient sales team.
  • People Management
  • Managing The Floor and Adhering To Schedule
  • Problem Resolution
  • Monitoring Calls, Coaching And giving constructive Feedback,
  • Ensuring Delivery Of The Defined Customer Experience In Every Call
  • Training, motivating And Developing team members
  • Motivation, Leadership For A Team And Developing Future Leaders
  • Recommending For Product And Process Development Based On Customer Feedback And Analysis.
  • Contributing For The Initial Hiring And Selecting Process Of The Front Line
  • Compiling Reports On Teams Performance
  • Communicating With Team And Being A Focal Point Of Dissemination Of Information From Management To Team And Vice Versa
  • Working Closely With Team Members to Solve Customer Problems.
  • Offering Solutions and Suggestions for Process and Product Improvement To Management.
  • Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts
Skills Required:
  • Proven Sales record and experience as a team leader or supervisor.
  • Should be able to Effectively Communicate the Purpose Of their company to both team members and Customers.
  • Must Be Able To Follow the Directions Of Management, and Possess Strong Leadership and Organization Skills Themselves.
  • A High Degree Of Operational Excellence With An Interest To Do Repetitive And Detailed Work.
  • Strong Organizational Skills In Planning Work And Managing Data
  • Good at people management skills



1 Year