Backend Developer
Delhi, Delhi
Design of the overall architecture of the web application.
Optimisation of the application for maximum speed and scalability.
Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges.
Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server-side logic.
Learn and use core AWS technologies to design and then build available and scalable back-end web services and customer-facing APIs.
Worked with real time web applications and event driven architectures like Node.js or jQuery
Full-cycle PHP code development experience including debugging and performance analysis
Building scalable and performance oriented services with cachin techniques and systems like Memcached, redis
Passion for products, empathy for users, and aspiration to make big impact
Assure quality of the solutions being developed within the team
Troubleshoot and debug support issues and code blues autonomously
Maintain technical mastery of the products being developed
Person with a track record of delivering innovative solutions in the field of algorithm development

Strong knowledge of PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony etc. depending on your technology stack.
Experience in working with MySQL database and analyzing the efficiency of queries
Experience with NoSQL and distributed database like MongoDB Cassandra or Redis
Comfortable with search engines like Solr or ElasticSearch
Working understanding of NGINX and Apache web servers
Working knowledge of RESTful paradigms and to build API for our front services and mobile applications
Strong database design and query writing skills with a commitment to performance and efficiency
Solid engineering principles and clear understanding of data structures and algorithms
Knowledge of service oriented architecture, microservices, and distributed systems
Strong problem-solving skills, algorithmic skills, and data structures
Experience in agile methodologies like Scrum
Good understanding of branching, build, deployment, continuous integration methodologies