IT Intern
Suncore Microsystem
Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra
As a management Intern-IT working under our experienced management IT professionals , your role will be to work on day to day activities related to IT Domain.

Suncore offers full-scale IT, SOLUTION, SERVICES AND SUPPORT where a large number of employees are working at various locations of the major metros of the country & at the client site too. The sole responsibility of IT department to the related task according the potential of applicant i.e Intern.

The Interns can have the financial rewards on the bases of their productive efforts working on real environment of the corporate world for companies under the guidance of a knowledgeable, experienced and successful mentor. They will learn how to make real contributions to the day to day operations of Company and its associate’s clients organizations. After their successful training periods the interns may be converted to full-time positions following graduation.

The dynamic, enthusiastic fresh pass outs are invited to join our team as we have plenty of opportunities to learn from innovators, and to work in an awesome atmosphere.

Positions: IT Intern
Department: IT Department
Openings: 16
Location: In the major metros of the country
Hours: 16-25 hours per week onsite at the company’s decoded location.
Duration: Start anytime - now through Dec 2015 / Jan, 2016 and end June 27, 2016 – flexible with holiday schedule – possible extension based on business needs and individual performance
Stipend: Decided after your Test
Essential Education,skills and eligibility criteria
Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Management with at least one year of course completed towards the degree/PG plan. At least good knowledge of IT domain .
Selection criteria:- Based on written test either online or offline.
  • Basic working understanding of IT.
  • Watch and understand existing code base LIVE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT.
  • Good understanding of the company’s policies and processes.
  • Strong multi-tasking and prioritization skills.
  • Ability to generate reports using excel spreadsheets.