Bright Future
Mumbai, Maharashtra


The Head Finance role acts as the finance partner to the Leadership team, provides

counsel on all finance matters and ensures that finance goals are aligned with Bright

future’s strategic plans and programs. The role also requires to work collaboratively

with the CEO and other Bright Future employees to deliver accurate consolidated

financial reporting; effectively managing all financial tasks, overseeing budgeting

and accounting etc.

Strategic Finance:
  • Ensure accurate financial management and oversight to guarantee that
Bright future secures needed funds, stays within the trustee approved budget,

and effectively protects assets.

  • Coach & provide advice / guidance to the organization on matters of
investment, capital structuring, financial analysis and expense control

  • Plan and reduce cost where-ever necessary
  • Lead the finance team at Bright Future, ensure delivery through team
members and support their individual development

  • Ensure that Bright Future maintains relations with funders and all funds
received are accounted and acknowledged

  • Work with external vendors and maintain professional relations with them to
ensure timely delivery of services and payments

  • Setting up Internal Financial Control and SOP’s with regards to financial
transactions and its Integration with various other functions such as Fund

Raising, HR, Procurements, Operations, Program Delivery and Self


  • Participate in all internal planning regarding Organisation’s proposed
program expansion, to ensure alignment of program, outreach and training

plans with financial projections

  • Keep up with new trends in the financial industry by attending conferences,
participating in professional development and sharing this information with

the senior leadership team;

  • Build a top-tier internal finance team by actively recruiting, training and
developing talented accountants, analysts, consultants, auditors, tax planners

and payroll staff, as needed.

Financial Planning and Analysis:
  • Oversee regular financial planning reports and ensure regulatory compliance
regarding all financial functions

  • Design optimal capital structure, develop and implement strategies to ensure
financial flexibility at all times

  • Assess organizations’ performance against annual budget and organizations
long term strategy

  • Review financial reports such as budget sheets to analyze actual utilization
figures vis-à-vis budget projections across all organization’s parameters.

  • Plan and monitor the organization’s fundraising plans and capital structure
  • Ensure optimal utilization / investment of funds and outcomes from investment

  • Study trends, recommend prospects for future growth and estimate
requirements for funds

  • Provide overall supervision to the finance department and be the chief
financial spokesperson for bright future

  • Manage capital allocation and budgeting process
  • Provide strategic direction in annual budgeting exercise, result analysis,
performance & risk reports

  • Ensure Accounting, reporting and filing of returns on specific time period
Systems and Processes:
  • Build on existing systems & processes and ensure implementation
  • Work on standardization of all processes – tax, auditing, budgeting, reporting

  • Facilitate Internal & External Audits. Ensuring that the organisation is compliant
with all internal and statutory audits

  • Strengthen reporting, budget tracking functions by improving data quality
and by further automation

Best in the industry

Qualifications: Degree or equivalent in any discipline, preferably with a further post-

graduate (MBA or equivalent in finance) and/or professional qualification


Years of Experience: 10+ years of experience in ideally education sector / broader

service industries/NGOs. We will also selectively consider seasoned managers from

other sectors. Recent or current experience, of having led a full array of financial

functions including fund raising, working capital management, capex management,

corporate finance, control, audit, financial planning and analysis

  • 'Proficient in Technical skills specific to Finance and Accounting, Economic
and accounting principles, practices and laws

  • Banking and financial analysis and reporting
  • Very strong knowledge of applications like Excel and Tally
  • Statutory compliances and reporting structures
  • Constantly abreast with industry’s’ accounting, tax, audit, reporting
secretarial developments

  • Excellent communication and soft skills
  • Content drafting and presentation skills
  • Leadership experience and Team Management Experience- should have
managed and mentored teams

  • Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with co-
workers, staff and external contacts, and to work effectively in a professional

team environment.

  • Ability to represent the organization to vendors, the public, government, and
other external sources like Banks