Learning & Development Manager
Bengaluru, Karnataka
To plan, control, coordinate and participate in the training of the employees of the organization.
 Ensure that training develops skills, enhances productivity and quality of work.
 Establish orientation, training, developing and evaluating systems for the employees.
 To design, develop, plan, administrate and implement an effective and systematic training activities and programs for all levels or staff, resulting in a highly motivated, flexible and multi skilled workforce.
 Assess training requirements for the employees and create suitable programs to meet the requirements.
 To ensure implementation of an active and efficient Training system for all the departments.
 Plan and administer training seminars for the employees in accordance with the policies & procedures.
 Ensure to assess the effectiveness of training after every training program conducted.
 Ensure to create a positive learning environment
 Any matter which may effect the interests of ACCOR should be brought to the attention of the Management.
 Keep abreast of the latest information on innovations in trends in Hospitality.