Hurix Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, Maharashtra
Job Description:
You will be a part of our digital marketing team to generate digital marketing content for Social Media, catering to our clients from different domains.

What would you be doing?

Understand client’s need / requirement and suggest relevant content as per their digital marketing plans
Write engaging content for client’s services, products
Write long form content like blogs / whitepapers, that will involve basic research & developing an outline, before creating or writing insightful and informative content
Create short form content like tweets, copy text for FB & LinkedIn posts, that is punchy and conversational, focussing on key takeaway message from the post / news / article
Check and improve current content by junior writes and proofread and edit content generated for consistent language
Assign blog posts to writers and external resources
Conduct keyword and SEO research to understand customers’ needs
Follow industry-related news and generate ideas around trending topics
Manage LinkedIn campaigns organic and sponsored content

Desired profile:What kind of person are we looking for:
Journalism / Content writing experience with a business newspaper, website or a magazine
High-energy with positive attitude
Good at research and writing. Ability to research online/offline
Experience in generating content for Social Media like Facebook, Twitter Etc will be an added advantage
Strong grammar and language skills
Excellent writing and editing skills
Competition mapping
Ability to handle multiple teams and agencies
Understand Google Analytics, WordPress-led CMS
Detail-oriented, curious, keen to learn, quick, independent and self-motivated
Banking Domain experience would be preferred.