Software Engineer
Galvanize Test Prep
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
We are looking for ambitious & highly capable people as we scale up our business aggressively without compromising on quality.

You will be working with young & passionate individuals from top institutes like Stanford, IITs, IIMs looking to disrupt the education space.
Besides contributing to the back-end code base, should also contribute to the Technical Architecture such as Database Schema, API & Code Design, etc. for the Back-end.
Take pride in developing highly optimised code that is reusable.
Do code reviews that check for maintainability, readability, performance, documentation and whether the code conforms to the architecture, etc.
Work closely with the Tech Lead to: Ensure that the Tech Recruitment Evaluation process is streamlined.
This includes shortlisting profiles, coming up with interview questions, conduct interviews, etc.
Enable smooth on-boarding of new employees/interns and make sure that they ramp up quickly with the right technical skills.
Work closely with the Dev team to ensure system consistency and improve the user experience.
Build large features end-to-end (data model, middle tier, front-end), and understand how multiple features come together.
Should be able to develop and maintain functional and stable web applications to meet our company's needs.
Provide technical influence across multiple teams, drive best practices, follow emerging technologies, and shape how the engineering team works.
Creating database schemes that represent and support business use cases and implementing unit tests.

Should have an Architect mindset, who will ensure that we take the correct technical decisions from a software point of view - right from server architecture, software architecture, database design, devops, and everything in between.
CS degree background is highly appreciated, though not mandatory.
Strong hands-on experience with Python (including Django REST Framework) is a must
Extensive experience working across our technical stack (Our back-end stack includes Django, PostgreSQL, Celery, AWS EC2), developing modern web apps, and building systems that scale.
Solid work experience of OOPS, Data Structures, Algorithms, Time Complexity analysis, Design Principles, DB Schema are a must.
Proficient understanding of code versioning, CI/CD, server config tools, etc like Git, Jenkins, Fabric, etc.
Experience working in a product startup where things were done at scale is a plus.
Should be able to distinguish good code and bad code.
Experience designing/developing robust API's for high volume systems. (RESTful, Graph QL)
Have experience working in an Agile environment