Branch Operations Manager
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu
JOB OBJECTIVEOverall Supervision and Management of the entire WBO branch operations to ensure smooth and error- free functioning.Summary of the general nature of the jobOverall supervision and error- free operations of : 1. Clearing Operations2. CMS Operations and query resolution3. Remittances Operations4.

Depository Operations5. FIG Operations6. Transfer cheques processing7. Trade Finance Operations8.

STP Initiatives like ENet, Trade on Net (wherever applicable)9. Commodity Finance Operations10. Electronic Clearing Service/ NEFT/ RTGS Operations11. Retail Liability Operations12.

Retail Asset Operations13. Retail Asset Customer Service Desk14. Loan against Gold Jewelry Operations15. BCP Clearing House Operations16.

Clearing House Operations17. Allied Retail activities18. Correspondent Banking Services19. MIS management20.

Courier Management21. First level handling of Customer and Legal Complaints22. Synergy amongst all the departments of the branch.Proper booking and follow- up for reversal of all Receivables/ Payables.Removing bottlenecks in client relationship management, liaison with Relationship Manager, other departments, functions for referrals, related activities.Nostro account funds management and Suspense account monitoring.Cost and volumes management - Take corrective action for reduction of costs and unproductive volumes.Archival of vouchers, mails, approvals.Reporting of Attempted fraud/ Actual fraud, conducting root cause analysis and suggest corrective measures.Ensure there is no sharing of system passwords in the Branch.To ensure that the process for password handover/ takeover is followed.To ensure safe custody of security documents in FRFC.Investigate customer complaints and analyze, send response and resolve the same under intimation to seniors.Investigate staff lapses/ errors and take corrective actions.Be responsible for overall smooth and error- free functioning, general upkeep of the branch.Take up issues relating to infrastructure, utilities, systems.Co- ordination with external agencies, vendors, system support teams.Management of staff leaves, absenteeism, replacements, exigencies.To identify/ escalate accounts, relationships with huge unprofitable / unproductive volumes, regular and high percentage of returns, cases of potential misuse of the banking systems.To ensure that the changes in processes are discussed with the teams and implemented.Suggest gaps in processes, if any, and changes required to address such gaps.Conducting staff trainings/ interactions to identify and address understanding issues.Help in resolution of process/ transaction- related queries from other branches in the Region/ State.Functioning as back- up to the State Head / Cluster/ Circle Head in case of leave/ exigencies if specifically required to do so.Suggest new systems, processes for better management of operations.Maintain contact and rapport with the Retail Branch Manager, Relationship Manager and Clients.Ensure implementation of various management projects given from time to time.Analyse the business requirements and give input to seniors.Handling Regulatory Authorities viz. RBI, SEBI, Police personnel and Concurrent Auditors.Ensure to play anchor role for important Management projects like Digitalisation etc.Handling Legal/ Court cases.Corporate Social Responsibility activitiesMonitoring of Outsource CTS Processing and vendor performanceAny other responsibilities entrusted from time to time.Description of the broad function and scope of the positionClearing Operations : Ensuring that both Inward and Outward Clearing is managed within the cut- off timings and without exceptions.Ensuring that there are no Outward Counter Returns which might cause exposure to the Bank.Ensuring that all the returns are posted and Value Date is released timely every day.At CTS locations, ensure proper technical verification of Outward Clearing Cheques is in place.Monitor the movement of staff attending P2F (Paper to Follow) sessions.Ensure to conduct Clearing house at regular intervals at BCP centers.Monitoring CTS vendor Outsourcing ProcessingNostro account and Suspense accounts monitoring : Daily reconciliation of Nostro accounts.Management of Clearing Funds and maintaining Nostro account balances below prescribed limits.Monitor all Suspense Accounts and maintain the registers.Fortnightly reporting of suspense/ Monthly Nostro accounts after due verification and with relevant details.Safe- custody of Nostro account cheques and judicious use of the same.CMS Operations : Monitor the quality of verification and authorization in CMS Ops from time to time.Monitor the dispatch activity of both incoming and outgoing schedules.Identify and highlight the gaps to all the stake holders.Remittances : Issuance of instruments like Demand Drafts, Manager Cheques, etc.Ensure to have sufficient stock of Payinst, Payfast, Paycheck stationery.Safe custody of numbered instruments and maintenance of proper records.Transfer Cheques, RTGS/ NEFT : Ensure that the transfer cheques are processed on priority and call back is conducted as per process.Ensure that all customer requests are processed with TAT.Ensure prompt call back process of RTGS/ NEFT transactions is in place as the funds are settled on Real Time basis.Depository Operations : Ensure that the process for Verification/ Authorisation of Delivery Instructions is followed without exceptions.Follow the process for Issuance of Loose Instruction Slips diligently.Ensure that the process prescribed for processing of DRF, Rejected DRF, Pledge, Hypothecation, Issuance of Loose Instruction Slip are followed diligently.Retail Liability Operations : Ensure that the process of inwarding, counting, acknowledgement of Account Opening Forms received from Retail branches is in place.Ensure there is no delay in Processing of Customer Instructions.Ensure that the KYC and AML guidelines are meticulously followed by each and every team member.Scanning of documents are done as per the defined time lines.Indexing of documents.Despatch of forms to respective Regional Document Verification Unit/ Central Processing Unit.Ensure that the updation of operating instruction in KYC utility is in place.Keeping abreast of all the latest circulars, guidelines, products.Ensure to check act upon various MIS related to Image Hold, Pending for Dispatch, Pending for Receipt etc are acted upon without delay.To ensure no critical exceptions are highlighted in Audit report.Ensure that the compliance for the exceptions highlighted in the audit report are resolved within the timelines.Proper collation and timely submission of necessary MIS to the various groups/ Retail Branch Banking.Meeting Turn- Around- Times/ Nil TAT delays.Help branches to reduce their FTNR, for faster customer service.

Hold frequent meetings with the Retail branch banking team.Ensure and build internal control mechanism to prevent frauds, errors or to ensure that any fraud or error will come to light.Retail Asset Job description (Not Applicable for RA Hub Locations) : Implementation of Operations process, policies and Audit guidelines as defined in the process notes.Ensure that the process of inwarding of Login files received from Sales/ Relationship Managers is in place.Ensure that the process of verifying the files through Transaction Origination System check list and raising the discrepancies to sales staff is in place.Ensure that there is no delay in Scanning the document in TOS application.Post disbursement documents (PDD) should be updated in Finnone.Scan the Retail Asset files in IDEA RAS system.Timely Dispatch of the files to Central Processing Unit.Ensure that logins, processing and disbursements are processed within TAT.Ensure that all queries and complaints are reverted and closed within the timelines.To ensure no critical exceptions are highlighted in Audit report.To highlight, raise and escalate all errors, exceptions, deviations to the next level of reporting.Enhance interactions and co- ordination with Sales, Credit, Collection teams.Conduct regular visits to Central Processing Agency and Dealers.Reduction of FTNR and ensure that the Sourcing Channels are made aware of the same through regular MIS.Ensure continuous improvement in providing Customer Service.Nil Financial exposure to the Bank due to lapses, errors, miss- outs.Contributing ideas and suggest Process simplifications/ improvementsTrade Finance Operations (Applicable to TF enabled locations) : Digitalisation initiative of the Bank - Trade On Net/ Mobile.Implementation of Operations process, policies and Audit guidelines as defined in the process notes.Adhering to the defined Service Level Agreements with various business units.Implementation of guidelines prescribed by RBI and other regulatory authorities.Reading of circulars and updating the concerned team member at regular intervals.Support to business teams by making joint calls.Ensure that the customer is properly handheld by the Trade staff.Ensure to visit customers at regular intervals for service feedback.Updation of recent circulars and guidelines to both business and customers.Ensure that the transactions received are processed within defined TAT.Removing bottlenecks in transaction related issues and provide resolution by liaison with all the stake holders.Ensure that the transactions are done as per agreed Service Level Agreement and meeting the Relationship Managers if there is any disconnect.Ensure that end to end process i.e. from updating the inward register to the desired output is followed at every stage.Attending auditors from RBI and other external agencies.Ensure that the reporting to RBI and other regulators is done as per prescribed timelines.Ensure proper call back after authorisation is in place as the risk involved in these transactions is huge.Introduce and implement adhoc controls to verify the quality of operations in the unit.Have regular visits to Central Processing Units and liaison with seniors.Ensure to have a robust despatch process.Refer to various MIS, analyse and report the findings to seniors.Must have an eagle eye and raise alert if any violation to Bank s interest is observed.Housekeeping/ General upkeep/ Facility management : WBO BM is responsible for Upkeep of the Premises.Maintenance of relevant registers and documents.Storing of security documents, instruments, etc. in FRFC under dual custody.To ensure that all rubber stamps are affixed for Paid, Posted/ Signature verified/ Ultra Violet verified instruments.Maintain relevant registers and documents.Pretty Good Privacy messages are acted upon.Generation of all the relevant reports for all the functions.Investigate customer complaints, analyze, send response and resolve the same under intimation to/ guidance of seniors.Record errors and inform seniors scrupulously.Getting approvals from seniors.Follow all the laid down process notes, manuals, instructions.To have cordial relationship with other staff members/ colleagues.To identify/ escalate accounts with huge unprofitable/ unproductive volumes, regular and high percentage of returns, cases of potential misuse of the banking systems.System Security : To ensure there is no sharing of system password.To ensure that the process for password handover/ takeover is followed.Voucher Management : Callback of vouchers with the report of transactions inputted/ authorized.To manage all vouchers and records and send paid instruments and vouchers for binding and storing periodically.Archive, print and file approval mails for Referrals.Any other responsibilities entrusted from time to time.Vendor Management : Scrutiny and Appointment of VendorsEnsure uninterrupted service from VendorsTimely escalation of issues pertaining to Link, Connectivity, Hardware Support etc.Review of vendor agreements at regular intervals.List of duties or tasks performed critical to successError free OperationsProblem SolvingDecision MakingMulti TaskingCrisis ManagementContribution in various ProjectsLiaison with other VerticalsStaff recruitment, placement, training and leave managementMotivationJob rotationsEfficient backup creationPerformance monitoringAppraisal and career growth of staffConflict ResolutionPayment approvalsHandling of Regulatory authoritiesUpward and Downward CommunicationParticipate in various Corporate Social Responsibility activities of the bank.Key functional and relational responsibilities in order of significanceMultiple Products HandledComplexity of ProductsVolume HandledDigitalisation effortsStaff managementError free operations/ Clean AuditsCost managementEfficiency managementSupport to BusinessSupport to other branches of the Cluster/ CircleNumber of Stake Holders servicedLead generation and business support.