Backend Engineer
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Good Analytical and algorithmic capability.
Excellent with at least one and familiarity of 2 and more of the backend languages: GoLang / PHP / Python / Java / NodeJS.
Willing to learn and work in GoLang (Familiarity with GoLang a plus).
Knowledge of different database systems.
MySQL is needed.
Familiarity with NoSQ Databases needed.
Experience with Search systems like Solr / Elastic Search a plus.
Familiarity with Graph databases Neo4j / Dgraph a plus.
Familiarity with Time Series Databases a plus. InfluxDB / Open TSDB etc.
Experience with Git is mandatory.
3-4 Years of experience as Backend Developer.
Prior experience in handling a team.
Candidate is expected to mentor 2-5 Junior Developers.
DevOps concepts are needed.
Candidate should be familiar with good programming practices, design patterns, testing methodologies etc.
Worked on some good project of your own Good.
Verbal and written communication skills.
Worked on NoSQL databases.
Worked on or used Cloud technologies, like AWS, Google Cloud etc.