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  • Information systems analysts and consultants analyze systems requirements, develop and implement information systems development plans, policies and procedures, and provide advice on a wide range of information systems issues. They are employed in information technology consulting firms and in information technology units throughout the private and public sectors, or they may be self-employed ...

  • 1)Organising sales visits. 2)Demonstrating and presenting products. 3)Establishing new business. 4)maintaining accurate records. 5)Attending trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings. 6)Reviewing sales performance negotiating contracts and package Good communication skills

  • Co-ordinating with End Clients. Reporting to MD Taking care to get all the feedbacks from Clients Ensuring proper dedication of employees Highly Fluent in English Should have proper knowledge of making presentations in Word or Power Point. Should be very well versed with using emails. highly presentable ...

  • Manage end to end recruitment process. Completion of joining and on boarding responsibilities Maintain the statutory documentation for each employee Conduct Induction trainings for each employee Tracking the attendance and preparing the salary sheet Ensure timely and accurate payout of the salaries Exit process and policy and attrition analysis with exit interviews Ensure smooth process of FnF ...

  • Luxury brand marketing executive responsible for overseeing the whole creative process brand line and working in a team in design studio. - Researching the consumer markets, monitoring the latest market trends, and identifying all the potential areas a brand must invest in considering the spending habits and the needs of the customer. - Analyzing the price of the products and thinking about its potential ...

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