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Staff Nurse

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Action India Pvt. Ltd

Job Description

Explains the four stages in the Nursing Process and demonstrates an understanding of the beginning nurse role in the health service. Plans and performs Nursing Care by using the Nursing process.

Observes patients condition and take suitable action accordingly and/or report changes to the Head Nurse and/or to the physician.

Has adequate knowledge about the medical surgical disease condition and provides comprehensive Nursing care as per the disease condition.

Demonstrates adequate knowledge of pharmacology and administer medications safely on prescriptions or according to the standing instructions.

Converts and calculates dosages.

Assisting Doctors for various surgical and medical diagnostic procedures by using aseptic technique.

Knows the correct method of collecting and sending specimens to laboratory for diagnostic tests.

Assisting with diagnostic tests/ biopsies, lumbar punctures, etc.

Demonstrates correct technique of checking and recording Vital signs.

Prepares patients for operations and ensures that the preoperative protocols have been followed.

Assist patients, relatives and visitors in fulfilling their request and solving their queries.

Assisting with therapeutic procedures such as Venipunctures, I.V. therapies, transfusion etc.

Carry out the procedures of Admission, Transfer, Discharge and Death of patient as per hospital policy.

Maintains optimal comfort and personal hygiene of the patient.

Attends to the nutritional needs of the patient.

Maintains clean and safe environment for the patient.
Implements and Maintains ward policies and routines.

Coordinates patient care with other department.

Attends/ Takes rounds with the Doctors and carries the orders accordingly.

Can define asepsis and aseptic technique and uses sterile technique when require.

Identifies syringes, needles and angles used in giving various types of injections.

Correctly calculates the infusion rate for Infusions and demonstrates the ability to solve intravenous infusion problems. Calculate ml per hr, drops per minute and correctly uses intravenous safety devices.

Accurately marks I.V. bottles/bags for the number of hours of infusions.

Observes for signs of infiltration or malfunction of the infusion, recognizes signs of infection or mechanical danger at the site of injection; intervenes appropriately.

Maintains a professional interpersonal relationship with the colleagues and other departments.

Takes responsibility to continuously update the knowledge and be competent with the changing trends in the profession.

Supervise Patient Care Attendants, guides them and reports accordingly.

Company Description

Cross Roads India Assistance, India’s first and largest road side repair assistance service... provider. Established in 1999, we have by our side 13 years of ground fleet management experience. We attend to over 1100 road side repairs every day and had so far handled over 1.5 Mn road side repairs. We are also recognised as a critical service provider under social security category hence we have been allotted with a four digit number 1922 for the safety of the general motorist.  Read full description

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Full time
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Less than one year
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