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Project Manager

Durgapur, West Bengal

ERM Placement Services (P) Ltd.

Job Description

i. Inspection of customer enquiries before the offer proposal with regard to its completeness and feasibility.
ii. Preparation of offers taking into consideration the commercial, technical and strategic conditions as well as the requirements made by the customer.
iii. Regular follow-up of offers with the aim of increasing the offer success rate and to maintain a realistic overview of the serviced customer areas.
iv. Contract/Order review in order to ensure that the requirements stipulated are appropriately documented, defined and feasible as well as ensuring that possible deviations from the offer are re-solved.
v. Preparation of the project documents to create the technical documentation (calculations, drawings, etc.) by the technical department.
vi. Processing and handling on schedule of the existing orders (incl. monitoring of deadlines).
vii. Communication interface between the respective customer and the individual departments with-in the company.
viii. Processing customer complaints.
ix. Preparation, implementation and follow-up work on proceedings with customers in conjunction with special- / large-scale projects / technical questions / discrepancies.
x. Visiting external clients (customers, Govt. departments and offices of engineering consultants) in order to resolve issues and strengthen relationship towards further business development. Travel arrangements have to be agreed in advance with the superior manager.
xi. Creation and updating of files on the serviced customer areas including the archiving of invalid documents.
xii. Supervision of the delivery-, assembly-, and payment terms in the serviced customer areas.
xiii. Collaboration in setting up of new customer areas (including franchises) by initiating/ consolidating contacts and participating in the contract proceedings according to the stipulations of the management.
xiv. Outward development, support and promotion of the corporate image as well as the companys agencies.
xv. Achieving the new sales budget in the serviced customer areas.
xvi. Collaboration in special projects in the areas of marketing, advertising, product development, etc. in accordance with the respective project planning. Page 2

B. Organizational overview

2. Structure:
The hierarchy of the position is structured as per the organizational chart.
i. The superior and subordinate organizational structure relates to this position as follows:
The person in this position reports to the Management (CEO/COO).
The person in this position presently need not supervise any other person.

3. Special responsibilities:
i. The person in this position has access to all the data and documents that are relevant to the fulfilment of the duty (project related data, data for the pricing and controlling).
ii. The person in this position may sign all correspondence without compulsory content as well as offers according to the internal regulations of the sales department.
iii. The person in this position may accept and process all orders and handle these in accord-ance with the conditions defined in the regional file.
iv. The person in this position has to have the appropriate organisation, instruction and infor-mation competences for the job and the responsibility that is needed for these duties.
4. Cover:
i. A co-worker in his team will cover for the person in this position.
5. Communication relations:
i. internal:
Co-operation with all internal departments is an essential requirement of the Project Manager in carrying out his/her duties.
ii. external:
Co-operation with the following external positions is an essential requirement of the International Project Manager in carrying out his/her duties:
Government Departments and the Consulting Engineering Companies

6. Working hours regulations:
The working hours are in accordance with the valid employment regulations.

Company Description

A reputed client of ERM Placement Services.

Additional Information

Last updated:
Job type:
Full time
Position type:
Minimum experience:
Between three and five years
Compulsory Education
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