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Operations Executive

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Simply Body Talk

Job Description

Social Media operations: Executing the in-house social media strategies as guided by
senior team member
2. Client relations: Interacting with clients over phone, chat tool on website, and
emails. Also, co-ordinating meetings of seniors in the company with clients or
potential clients.
3. Event co-ordination: Co-ordinating all events hosted by the company. This would
include arranging for food and beverages, sending reminders to participants and
interested parties, fees collection, sending confirmation invoices etc.
4. Material assistance: Assisting the chief trainer for printing material and preparing
folders, stationary etc for the workshops and personal clients
5. Groundwork: Complete responsibility for all operation related assistance which
requires local travelling like managing printouts and purchase of stationary from
nearby stores, client office visit for handover of material or collection of fees, visit
bank for dropping cheque etc.
6. Operational co-ordination: Handle all operational issues for smooth functioning of
office, like co-ordination of timings for interns, staff queries related to breakdown of
internet or telephone connectivity, settling tea and food bills, keeping track of office
related expenditure, etc.
7. Inventory management: Keeping track of all inventory in the office and refilling
stock as and when required. This includes stationary, food, printouts, bill books,
company products etc.
8. Online marketing assistance: Assist in execution of online product marketing and
dispatch under guidance of senior. This also includes co-ordination with courier
service agency and customers.
9. Receipts management: Timely generation of receipts for various services and
products, and sending the same to the customers or CA as required.

Company Description


Khyati Bhatt, the Founder and CEO of Simply... Body Talk started the company in 2013 to focus on nonverbal communication, a category not much explored in India. She has trained with retired FBI special agent Joe Navarro for mastery in nonverbal communication and is a certified expert in reading micro expressions by Paul Ekman.

At Simply Body Talk, we help corporates and individuals become better communicators. Services we provide include

Workshops: Highly customised sessions for corporates or groups of individuals looking at any particular field of profession, like sales, presentations, media interviews, teaching, negotiations etc.

Personal Learning: We work with individuals one on one to teach them how to observe people better. This is useful for people who need to understand others through their body language, like doctors, lawyers, teachers, salesmen, negotiators etc.

Personal Coaching: We coach individuals to improve their personal communication style. Useful for people who have scaled up business or achieved professional promotions and those who face the media regularly like entrepreneurs, CEOs, actors, television anchors etc

Consultancy: We work on corporate assignments to maximize the communication within a team. We provide profile shoot offering for the senior leaders for the PR portfolio. We work on nonverbal makeovers i.e. design of workspace and corporate branding, with a focus on nonverbal communication. We also undertake assignments for investors for team analysis, HR teams for senior level interviews, ad agencies for post production effectiveness etc.

Products: Our body language tip cards are highly customisable and make ideal corporate gifts. Our signature workshop Body Language for Beginners is available online for lifetime access on Udemy.
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Additional Information

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Full time
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Minimum experience:
Less than one year
Compulsory Education
Salary range:
₹ 10,000 - ₹ 12,000 / Yearly (Gross Pay)
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