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IBM ODM Developer

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

GSS Infosoft Pvt ltd

Job Description

IBM ODM Rules v8.6/v8.7
ODM components - DS and DC
DVS - Decision Validation Services
DS - Decision Server - Rules Designer, RES, RES Integration, Event Runtime
DC - Decision Center - Enterprise console and Business console
Installation and Configuration of ODM components
Required Skills:
Rule Design and Development
Design and create rule projects.
Design and implement an Execution Object Model (XOM) and Business Object Model (BOM).
Construct ruleset parameters and variables.
Organize rules and develop ruleflows.
Author appropriate rule artifacts (e.g., action rules, decision tables, decision trees, templates).
Update and refactor XOM and BOM.
Rule Deployment and Governance
Configure rule project security and role-based permissions.
Implement rule governance and life-cycle customization.
Use branching, merging and baselines.
Synchronize rules (e.g., Rule Designer, Decision Center and Rule Solutions for Office (RSO), Source Code Control (SCC) ) .
Create and deploy RuleApps using Rule Designer and Decision Center.
Manage RuleApps in the Rule Execution Server (RES) console.
Automate the build and deployment of RuleApps.
Rule Validation
Interpreting analysis of rule artifacts for consistency and completeness.
Configure rule projects for Decision Validation Services (DVS) testing.
Validate rule artifacts with DVS scenario testing and simulation.
Perform troubleshooting and debug rule execution.
Construct queries for searching.
Create rule reports.
Customization of Business User Experience :
Construct rule authoring customizations (e.g., dynamic domains, value editors).
Create custom DVS scenario providers.
Implement DVS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Perform customization of Decision Center GUI.
Construct custom rule reports.
Implement a rule model extension.
Rule Execution and Application Integration :
Identify appropriate rule execution approach based on application architecture.
Implement rule execution code.
Package rule applications (i.e., standalone Java SE, RES Java SE, RES Java EE).
Configure the Decision Warehouse monitoring and filter options.

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Software Development

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