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Former CEO/CXO for profit-share (M&A) consulting

Delhi, Delhi-NCR

Strat Team Advisors

Job Description

Interested in CEO/CXO level professionals, who are interested in a good opportunity to convert their knowledge into a couple of large income opportunities per year.

People should be capable of bringing business owners to the table, for merger & acquisition opportunity discussions, with annual turnover Rs 70 crore sto Rs 700 crores. Good network with owners of consumer durables / consumer goods / logistics / electronics / IT product companies is essential.

Those who are working in any organization are not allowed by our rules, to consult in any way by using confidential information from their employer. They can use their industry knowledge and their contacts, but cannot use specific information shared to them by their employer.


CXO level experience

Excellent networking skills
Good network with business owners.
( Note : Your network with executives and employees does NOT count)

Good tracking and prediction of industry trends
Comfort in freelance / profit share working

Company Description

Management Consulting firm based in Gurgaon
Strat Team is an Advisory Service... focused exclusively on Business Owners of Medium-Sized businesses. As the needs, and pressures for a medium sized business are higher, and very different from a big corporate business. And the needs and pressures are also very different from a small mom-and-pop business on the other hand. All our approaches are designed with only the medium sized business in focus.

Strat Team Advisors helps a business owner to accelerate his business , and take it to the next level, in 3 ways
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Additional Information

Last updated:
Job type:
Part time
Position type:
Freelance / Self-employed
Contract duration:
Open ended
Minimum experience:
More than ten years
Not Pursuing Graduation
Jobs in Logistics / Purchase / Supply Chain / Procurement
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