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Director of Technical Product Management $400,000 USD Per Year ( Work from Home)

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Job Description

Directors of Technical Product Management make the biggest and highest impact technical decisions for software products and companies.

As a TPM Director you will be responsible for identifying the core functionality and technical decisions across a portfolio of products. This will require you to fuse your understanding of the product’s core value proposition with your understanding of the way that software systems are built. You will need to learn new technologies and be able to describe when they should or shouldn’t be used. You will be expected to create simple designs that focus on making (and explaining) the most Important Technical Decisions while leaving out the low-impact details.

For example, even some of the most common technical decisions such as “which database to use” are often done without enough upfront consideration. When, why and how should we best use a relational DB, versus noSQL, versus a key/value store, an in-memory DB, or another choice?

When and in what way should we use micro-services? What about the many available options and configurations of Machine Learning tools? How will we deliberately design the best APIs?

Those are the more straightforward decisions that involve selection of existing technologies.

The higher impact decisions include the ways that we will use data structures and algorithms in the best possible way to solve a super-valuable problem for our customer.
Key Responsibilities
Take a business priority or go-to-market plan and own the core technical decisions across a portfolio of products

Provide requirements to Senior TPMs who take your guidance and flesh out product-specific technical specs that meet your standards

Identify how software “megatrends” (such as Containerization or Spot-priced cloud resources) can be best applied to both new and existing products

Innovate the use of new data structures and algorithms to solve high value customer problems

Extremely clear, simple, and direct written communication of these decisions


Candidate Requirements
BS in CompSci, CompE, or EE

5+ years of hands-on production code development in Java or C#

3+ years experience making the core technical design decisions that were then implemented by others

Excellent written communication skills including architecture diagrams, data flows, and system component diagrams

Strong ability to understand a rich ecosystem of available tools/technologies and then explain precisely which should be used and why

Strong ability to see the simple and generic patterns when looking at an existing design that is overly complicated and not well structured

Strong ability to separate the strategic decisions from the tactical ones

A passion for creating work in a process-driven way and working with team members to continuously improve that process

Company Description

Crossover is redefining the way people work. Brick and mortar offices are history. The future... of our global workforce will be built from teams collaborating from every corner of the world. We have embarked on an expedition to find and engage with that talent. Crossover has developed a unique method of finding, curating, and managing remote contractors. Our platform connects customers to the worlds best talent for both technical and non-technical employment. But we don’t just find the best, we also provide the tools, training, and relationship building support to ensure success for long term growth.  Read full description

Additional Information

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Full time
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Freelance / Self-employed
Minimum experience:
Between five and ten years
Compulsory Education
Jobs in IT - Software Programming / Analysis
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