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Chief Of Nursing

Nasik, Maharashtra

Global Hospitals

Job Description

1. Planning, directing and evaluating activities of the nursing department, including implementation of the department's mission, vision and philosophy and align with Global Hospitals service excellence standards.
2. Contribute for development and implementation of policy, protocol and standards for safe and quality patient care.
3. Provide leadership, direction and support for organizational development projects/ transformational projects/ quality initiatives.
4. Formulate, implement and evaluate a nursing performance management program.
5. Spearhead the performance evaluation both ongoing and for succession planning within the nursing directorate.
6. Encourage a collaborative model of patient care by providing opportunity for nursing personnel to plan with the medical staff and other disciplines for the total needs of patients.
7. Ensure high level patient satisfaction and work satisfaction of nurses.
8. Maintain current knowledge of international trends in nursing care delivery and incorporate this knowledge into daily operation of the department of nursing.
9. Develop a continuous quality management plan for nursing.
10. Be a part of steering committee to succeed for NABH Accreditation.
11. Improve patient care through testing evidence, generate new knowledge through research and research driven audits
12. Brand the organization and profession through publication and by representing in various conferences, professional forum and ceremonies.
13. Develop international collaboration and MoUs.
14. Guide the development of an efficient and effective nursing education and nursing research unit.
15. Build an error prevention and ethical culture.
16. Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Development and Retention of staff with in the office of CNO- vertical scope & control.
Is responsible for the direct patient care given in the hospital.
Formulate and disseminate the nursing mission, philosophy and objectives.
Provide written short and long-term plans designed to implement and facilitate achievement of department objectives.
Develop, review, approve and enforce written departmental policies and procedures.
Prepare a written plan of response by nurses in case of internal or external disaster and prepare for implementation in case of necessity.
Develop and display a written table of organization depicting the positions of the nursing department, channels of communication and the relationship of the nursing department with other departments.
Participate in the development of overall direction and policies for the health care organization based on the health needs of the community.
Participate in policy decisions that affect patient care services.
Develop a nursing master staffing plan-using input from the unit level nursing personnel plans.
Determine and communicate resources needed for the nursing department to carry out its functions and submit written reports as required.
Estimate needs for facilities, supplies and equipment.
Assist in the preparation and administration of the nursing department budget.
Institute a system for evaluation and control of supply levels including a written reporting system.
Collaborate with the administrative staff, other department personnel and representatives of allied groups in planning services for patients.
Establish and maintain an effective system of records and reports.
Maintain good working relationship and frequent liaison with other department managers.
Communicate regularly with the hospital director and give input on all matters related to nursing.
Formulate, implement and evaluate a nursing personnel management program.
Supervise and develop head nurses and supervisors.
Hold regular meetings with nursing department managers individually and collectively.
Develop a mechanism for nursing staff to give input into nursing administration decisions.
Ensure that a comprehensive orientation program is conducted for all new nursing personnel.
Guide the development of an efficient and effective nursing education unit.
Oversee provision and implementation of educational programs for nurses.
Participate in the assessment of learning needs and provide opportunities for staff development.
Plan, coordinate and participate in nursing in-service training.
Plan with educational institutions for the use of hospital facilities, which include student learning experience and clinical practice.
Participate and promote interest in the activities of professional nursing as evidenced by
Attendance at professional seminars and community activities.
Make daily rounds on the patient care areas.
Encourage a collaborative model of patient care by providing opportunity for nursing personnel to plan with the medical staff and other disciplines for the total needs of patients.
Oversee the development and timely revision of nursing procedures to enhance quality of care.
Attend to patient complaints unresolved at lower levels.
Keep abreast of new technological developments in nursing and health care.
Evaluate clinical competency of nurses twice per, according the established Performance Evaluation Process.
Develop a quality management plan for nursing.
Chair the Nursing Quality Management Committee.
Utilize standards for measurement of quality of nursing care to be rendered.
Provide support required for quality management and improvement activities.
Oversee infection control activities for nursing, ensuring that adequate and appropriate.

Company Description

Global Hospital is a leading international patient referring company. Our aim is to... provide patients around the world with the highest medical expertise. For this purpose, we have built up a worldwide network gathering leading specialists, outstanding hospitals and clinics fitted with the latest technology and providing updated state-of-the-art treatments.

We arrange referrals for second opinions, consultations, specialized treatments, and throughout our network can help patients participate in selected clinical trials.
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