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Blood Bank Technician

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Fortis Healthcare

Job Description

Job Summary:
Collection of Blood as and when required. Testing of blood for TTD. Providing the blood at the time of surgery and emergency. Contacting to other blood banks for supply of blood at the time of emergency.

Job Duties:
To take over from previous shift technician

Blood bags stock (Tested & untested)

Reagents stock viz. Blood grouping antisera, Coombs serum, Bovine serum, ELISA test kits etc.

Blood stock record, Issue, Disposal record. Grouping and crossmatch, Blood Donor Cards.

To check the temperature graphs, temperature display of blood storing refrigerator. Record them with initials.

To change temperature graphs as and when required.

To prepare pooled cells and sensitized cells.

To under trace/perform HBsAg, HCV, HIV, VDRL tests as per kit insert. Also carry out test like DCT, ICT etc.

To make a flow chart of steps for ELISA tests and to make test chart/test sheet as per the kit insert.

To check the equipment/ instrument before the test is started.

To test new batch of antiserum for titer, avidity, specificity and record findings with initials.

To perform Du test on Rh-negative sample of blood.

To carry out cell grouping, serum grouping, and cross matching by saline/Bovine/Combs technique.

To maintain register and verify stock daily.

To collect/receive blood samples for grouping and cross matching.

Grouping and cross matching to be done immediately, not to be kept pending.

To receive Blood Bags from other Blood Banks and note the record of the Blood Bag No., date of collection and expiry, testing and record the time of receipt.

The duplicate copy to be filed.

As far as possible near expiry date bags to be cross-matched preferably.

Pilot tube/segment to be preserved for seven days after the issue of blood. After seven days it should be discarded.

To under take investigation of reported transfusion reaction as per instruction of Medical Officer. Record the finding and instruct the finding.

To dispose off unfit blood bags and in record.

To report the breakdown equipment/instrument to the Medical officer or Incharge and record it. Immediate measure to be sought.

To be present at the time of calibration procedure along with Medical Officer.

To prepare CuSO4 for hemoglobin.

To separate serum/plasma for testing. To detect typical antibodies in donor/recipient blood.

To achieve Quality control/Quality Assurance for Good Manufacturing Practices.

To achieve harmony in the department.

To learn new technology of blood banking and try to acquire new skills and techniques.

To help Medical Officer or Incharge in the smooth running of the Blood bank.

To prepare the duty list/ timetable of duties.


Skill Sets:

Verbal Ability / Communication skill
To give accurate and tactful explanations to patients and their relatives.

Other skills which includes
Technical Knowledge.
Analytical Skill

Company Description

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading, pan Asia-Pacific, integrated healthcare... delivery provider.   Read full description

Additional Information

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Job type:
Full time
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Minimum experience:
One year
Compulsory Education
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