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We pay careful attention during the selection and recruitment process and ensure that the professionals recruited by us have a productive and positive attitude.

We also ensure that the recruitments are tailor made to precisely fit client's requisite hiring needs and financial concerns.

Some of the salient features that help us stand apart in the national and international markets are:

We are fully committed towards providing constructive value additions to our clients.
Our team of professionals is trained to give a progressive service support to our clients.
We efficiently use our resources and use them optimally.
We have developed innovative interview techniques, which are handled by industry experts. It helps us in providing the suitable client to the employers.
Our large database and innovating talent searching abilities help us in easy meet requirements at both the national and international levels.
We are known for providing the professionals who are among the best available in the industry.
We ensure with the help of our value matching services, that selected candidates are the best matches for the prospective employers.

Our Business Approach

Our systematic and fine-tuned recruitment methodology helps us to cater to the requirements of professional manpower as per the needs of the clients. Our dedicated and efficient staff provides their valuable contribution in testing, interviewing and assessment needs. Our professional team has immense knowledge and expertise in the recruitment and consultancy field, which enable us to tackle clients' requirements efficiently and promptly.

Our Selection Process

We have a rigorous and in depth selection process. While selecting we give prime attention to the industry specific skills of the prospective candidates. Our effective and innovative selection techniques not only help in weeding out incompatible candidates but also ensure that candidates selected by us are nothing but the best available in the market.

Our Work Process

We start with searching our exhaustive database for right credentials. Once prospective candidates are identified, our industry experts conduct in-depth interviews with each individuals obtaining detailed information. We also look on their personal traits and ability to play a constructive part in a vibrant and productive team atmosphere. Only after a candidate clears all these tests, they are forwarded to our prospective clients. It ensures that our clients get only the best manpower aiding in positive growth of the company.

Whatever your chosen career path, Viswanathan’s is there to support you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a recent graduate just beginning your career, a senior consultant looking for new and exciting opportunities or a seasoned executive on the leadership track, our world-class learning and development programs provide you and your manager with the education, information and tools you need to progress in your career at Viswanathan’s.

Viswanathan’s stock-in-trade is the intellectual capital generated by our employees, so we place a premium on continuous learning and improvement.

Viswanathan HR Consultancy and Manpower Recruitment Services

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