Vasundhra Media Pvt. Ltd

Delhi, Delhi-NCR

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Media (Radio, TV, Film, Publishing)
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We are a 17 year old company with offices in Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore & Udaipur. We are publishers of city guides, city maps & PLAN YOUR WEDDING magazine. The products which we come out are: THE DELHI CITY -A fortnightly city guide and magazine. Monthly City Guides- ‘JAIPUR CITY GUIDE’, GO HYDERABAD, ‘GO PUNE‘ ‘GO BANGALORE’ & ‘GO UDAIPUR’ We also publish - GO series of maps for JAIPUR, DELHI, Bangalore & Hyderabad.
PLAN YOUR WEDDING magazine is a bimonthly product published simultaneously from Delhi and Bangalore.

Vasundhra Media Pvt. Ltd

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