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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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We are a full- service engineering enterprise solutions and total project solution company with our offices based in North America and Chennai. Our design services and support solutions cater to a wide range of engineering industries including Telecom Infrastructure design, Mechanical Engineering design, Architecture, Building Engineering services, Infrastructure Design Solutions and GIS.

The next step we have taken is engineering service design solutions which led to Trikaal Tech Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Realizing the need for engineering design, we are keen to become the leading engineering services provider across industrial and geographical boundaries.

CAD Services Project Solutions : Telecom, MEP, HVAC & Architecture
Training : CAD, Multimedia & Interior design using software

Applications from Autodesk, Solid works & Adobe

Trikaal Tech Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Structural Engineer

    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    1.Research, design and conduct structural analyses, develop calculations, plan preparation, etc. 2. Responsible for working on design for telecom projects and other structural design and analysis projects. 3. Use GUYMASTER and INSPECT TOWER 3 to model various towers and their appurtenances; 4. Perform tower analyses using GUYMASTER; 5. Verify, using simple hand calculations, analyses performed using GUYMASTER; 6 ...

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