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Jaipur, Rajasthan

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We understand the fact that, one’s stress reaches leaps and bounds when it comes to crucial moments in healthcare. This fosters the need for immediate access to the best service, with real credibility, at an affordable rate.

Swasthya Sewak's personalized approach to health care is a unique combination of exceptional medical resources, an unmatched range of services and outstanding care allowing Members efficient access to the finest health care experiences, expert guidance through the complex healthcare system by expert health advisors.

Swasthya Sewak

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  • 1-Understanding and executing staffing requisition, requirements and issues from all departments 2-Draft and update of documents such as job descriptions, employee handbook performance appraisal, forms, SOP, policies and other HR-related documents. 3-Sourcing candidates via recruitment agencies and job online advertisement. 4-Screening the candidates by resume short listing, phone interview and personal ...

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