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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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IT - Software/Services
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SBIL is a professionally managed IT solutions firm with expertise in the field of Customized Software solutions and biometric related products.

We offer Stable, Rugged, Scratch proof products like biometric fingerprint reader, biometric face recognition reader, fingerprint door access control, RFID / Proximity Card Reader, biometric fingerprint scanner, Mifare Card Writer, biometric face recognition door access control, RFID / Proximity Card based door access control & UPS.

All our biometric reader products are ZK compatible with FCC & CE Complaints.

Only Biometric products will not enough to monitor the employee attendance. So, SBIL developed Employee Time and Attendance management software using DOT.Net technology with the backend of SQL Server to maintain few hundred to thousand of employees attendance.

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    Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    Job Description NATURE OF WORK: Enquires will be generated by the company. On receipt of the SMS From the Advertisement Agency, the sales coordinator has to make a call with the customer, ascertain all the requirements of the customers, put the customer details into the database maintained by means of software, prepare and send quotations to them, then to follow them up till the conversion of the ...

  • Design and developing of web site, web application & desktop application. Basic knowledge in HTML, javascript, & SQL Server. Degree and diploma holder with or without experience can apply ...

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