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Signitive Infotech, A fast growing recruitment agency established locally for the sole purpose of finding the right employee for the right employer. We specialize in being the link between job seekers and employers. Matching the profile of the job seeker to the Job requirement of the employer to provide for a perfect integration to the company.

Since its inception in 2011, it has aspired towards providing excellent service with con- sistency and unfaltering dedication, conscientiously sieving out from its database of talent the best candidates for the job. Those who possess the qualities and criteria as desired and specified by the agency's clients are put through a series of tests and interviews that ultimately determine the depth and relevance of their expertise. By this rigorous method of screening, Signitive Infotech is thus able to ensure that it brings about an ideal, effective and mutually beneficial partnership, a lucrative alliance that satisfies both the employer and employee.

As the very bridge that brings together both parties, Signitive Infotech not only contributes to alleviating the stress of manpower scarcity facing a great number of recruitment compa- nies today but, at the same time, it provides the jobless talents of society with the oppor- tunity to secure for themselves a stable, lifelong career. The firm possesses a committed, reliable staff of knowledgeable advisors who are ever prepared to render their services with a swiftness and efficacy that not many can match.

Signitive Infotech

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