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Bangalore, Karnataka

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ScienceHopper Education Private Limited, a startup in the Education space focuses on hands- on science education for children. Our intent is to bring out the spirit of curiosity and questioning in the minds of young ones and we achieve this by helping children experience science through hands on experiments, activities and models.

ScienceHopper Education Private Limited

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  • Job Description 1.Teaching science subject in school/schools through hands-on science method. Science here refers to all branches of science i.e. Physics,Chemistry,Biology and Environmental Science. 2. Simplification: Analyzing a topic through extensive reading and demystifying and presenting it in a concise and convincing manner 3. Customer Relationship management and Materials Management of schools ...

  • Sales Executive

    Bangalore, Karnataka

    1. Generate new businesses opportunities through individual effort and/or by managing a team. 2. Identify potential clients through leads, networks and referrals. 3. Make presentation to schools (B2B) and explain our unique delivery model 4. Preparation of reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information. 5. Explore and identify school related conferences and conclaves that will help us showcase ...

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