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pune, Maharashtra

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We are a software development company specializing in Content Automation Solutions for regulatory and publishing contents. We build tailor-made solutions enabled by structured and semantically aware contents, digital workflows, automated document generation and multi channel publishing capabilities. We are a tech-savvy team which strives to deliver top notch solutions using niche latest and greatest technologies.

Raykor Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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  • 1. Having a very good understanding of detail design/technical/functional/requirement document. 2. Having a very good understanding of software development life cycle. 3. Excellent verbal and written communication. 4. Strong in OOPS concepts. 5. Ability to write programs on one or more technologies (Java, C#, Python, PHP, C, C++, JavaScript) 6. Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, DBMS, SQL. . • Excellent verbal and written ...

  • C# Developer

    pune, Maharashtra

    Knowledge of Microsoft Word Add-in / desktop application development will have added advantage Interview will be focused on following areas 1. Object oriented concepts and use in C# (Collection) 2. LINQ 3. Lambda expression 4. Threading 5. Delegates and Events 6. Projects specified in resume 7. Share-point 1. Hands on experience of development using Share-point 2013 Server Object 2. Share-point list, libraries ...

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