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Naidu Hall awarded as the Retail Icon of the Year 2017
The brand that introduced Indian women to the brasserie as early as the 1930s has deservingly been awarded as the Retail Icon of the Year 2017 – Best Intimate Wear. The legacy of Naidu Hall evolved from a humble beginning as a small tailoring unit in Chennai. The founder, M.G. Naidu had the powerful vision of empowering women through quality lingerie. He employed door-to-door salesgirls to visit women and explain the benefits of the brasserie.
Owing to popular demand, he launched the first Naidu Hall store in T.Nagar in 1939. Naidu Hall has evolved from a being a household name in lingerie to everybody’s favourite fashion destination.
Naidu Hall the Family Store has 17 branches across Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Lingerie is still one of its specialty offerings. The Naidu Hall brand of lingerie is sold at over 1,500 dealer outlets across South India. The fashion chain has also launched Intimacy, a trendy range of lingerie for the modern young woman. The brand offers a wide variety of styles ranging from everyday lingerie, sporty styles to lacy designs in vibrant colours.Intimacy lingerie is manufactured at Naidu Hall’s state-of-the-art factory in Ambur, Tamil Nadu, where nearly 90% of the factory staff is women. From creating employment opportunities for women and empowering a confident new generation of women, Naidu Hall has taken a bigger step of fulfilling the needs of women across the world, through online shopping. You can enjoy the convenience of buying your favourite lingerie, petticoats and blouses at


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