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My Dear Cakes – Chennai’s number 1 cake selling platform, was founded in October 2010. We take pride in selling cakes online. Cakes are possibly love personified. We wouldn’t be describing anything less for these master class visuals than the term ‘love’. It is imperative from the demands of such bakery items that people across the globe celebrate any and every occasion with the cutting of a cake, big or small. At ‘My Dear Cakes’, we have a strong team of experts in dessert making and baking processes. Our aim has been therefore the arousal of interest in our products, based on various marketing strategies, immaculate photographs and online presence and to give people in Chennai some of the best tastes in cake recipes.

The partners first used to work in Chennai in top IT MNCs - Amazon and CTS. They were friends from Childhood.

Since bakery business is there traditional business, they had a plan to expand it in a unique way. That's when they thought of the possibility of providing consumers the convenience of buying cakes over the internet. The objective was two-fold - to ensure that they don't have to leave the confines of their comfort to buy cakes and to help them get a cake when there is a special occasion.

The idea was compelling. And why not? The internet was being voted as a medium people couldn't do without. PC and net penetration was increasing not only in urban areas, but also in rural India with innovative concepts like buying electronics items and sending it as surprise birthday gifts. So, why not cakes?

However, the most compelling reason was that no body in India had done this!

So, with these thoughts running through there mind, they bounced initial thoughts off his friends from college and office. They were excited about the concept too.

However, they didn't want to take the plunge without understanding the feasibility of such an undertaking. They met with various cake vendors in Chennai- to gauge how well the concept could do.

As expected, they got a favorable response. They started writing the code for the software that would be required to run the operations. Once this was ready, they put together a business plan. As per the business plan, they company growth was tremendous.

The partners quit their well-paying, secure jobs and started My Dear Cakes.There have been many ups and downs. It wasn't simple to change the mindset of bakeries who are used to dealing with their traditional brick to sell cakes in there own outlets. It wasn't easy to market the concept. It needed time and money. It took a few months for things to fall in place.

All that was needed were a few people who used the website. Once that would happen, the user interface was bound to generate word-of-mouth. That's exactly what happened. Those who used it liked it, told others.

My Dear Cakes has come a very long way from days of struggle to days of growth. It has the tie up with leading cake manufacturers in Chennai and a large and satisfied customer base.

Being run by a team of young people, the culture is informal and everyone is ambitious and charged to make it larger than imagined.

My Dear Cakes

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