Kesineni Cargo Carriers Pvt. Ltd

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

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Transportation of Goods/Logistics
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Kesineni Group is a dynamic, well established enterprise in the fields of travel, logistics and hospitality. An enterprise launched in 1928, Kesineni was one of the first intercity bus operators in the country, using coal engine buses.

Innovation and benchmarking are the hallmark of our group under the leadership of our mentor Shri. Kesineni Srinivas, who recreated and re-envisioned the brand of Kesineni Travels in 1992. The new face of leadership for the company, a fourth generation entrepreneur, Ms. Hyma Kesineni has brought the vigour and vision of this generation to lead the sterling enterprise to keep winning over competition.

Kesineni Cargo Carriers Pvt. Ltd

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