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Trivandrum, Kerala

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Hesperus Indosec is the India's leading independent information security specialist, with a unique approach to providing holistic security management solutions. Hesperus Indosec’s Security testing services determine how well your organization’s security policies protect your digital assets. We offer a comprehensive penetration testing package that begins with safe and controlled exercises to simulate covert and hostile attacks We work with clients across both the public and private sectors to implement best practice security policies, processes and procedures and understand security threats in order to address security risk. Information is a valuable business asset. Any organisation that wants to be competitive, profitable and trusted today must protect its information from risk.

Hesperus Indosec

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  • This position requires competency in computer forensics, electronic discovery, and information security. The primary purpose of this position is to conduct computer forensic investigations, data recovery, and electronic discovery. The candidate will be expected to have a solid foundation of technical experience and expertise, possess strong communication skills, and exceed our clients expectations. The ...

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