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Udaipur, Rajasthan

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Founded in 2005, Fusion outsourcing is a niche segment provider of comprehensive IT services. Fusion Outsourcing is dedicated to developing effective outsourcing partnership with clients in order to accelerate time to market, reduce operational cost, endowing client to focus on their core business. Leveraging best in class people, processes and technologies, Fusion outsourcing provides high quality, high value consulting and outsourcing services to client in major markets.

Our focus as far as target market is concerned has always been the small and medium size businesses, which find themselves struggling between being competitive and keeping their costs low. This is exactly why all of our primary business offering have been tailored to serve this market to keep them lean, efficient and better informed to latest technology and solutions so to take informed decision in today’s hyper competitive business environment. Our service offering ranges from consulting, application and web development, on-line social media research, business process outsourcing.

Fusion Outsourcing Software Pvt. Ltd

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  • Your Job- Your objective will be to satisfy the clients by delivering prompt and quality service. Your job may involve- Internet based searching, recruitment assistance, marketing activities, database maintenance, lead mining, executive assistance etc. and may include: Communicating with global clients on internet through mail chat and phone, Understanding client’s requirement and delivering the output in ...

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