Avenue Incorporation

Bangalore, Karnataka

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Avenue incorporation is the largest marketing company of banglore. We are providing services to various fortune 500 listed companies in different sectors i.e finance, banking, telecommunication, insurance, fundraising ,entertainment, healthcare and sports. We offer a unique and dynamic work environment culture that balances professionalism with enthusiasm, support and healthy competition.

Job profile:
Level 1-
Bussiness associate.

Level 2-
Corporate trainer.
(recruiting, training and development)

Level 3-
Team leader.
(team building and conflict management)

Level 4-
Assistant manager.
(administration finance operations)

Level 5-
Bussiness development manager
(handling city, office and clients)

Highlights of profile:
On job training - get paid while you get trained.

Performance based fast promotion into management

Performance based earnings during the training

International and national travel opportunities

Avenue Incorporation

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