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Aero Club of India (ACI) established in 1927, is the apex body of all the flying clubs, gliding clubs and other aerosports organizations in India, which are engaged in Powered flying , Glider Flying , Skydiving , Hang Gliding, Balooning, Microlight flying, Parasailing, Aeromodelling and such aerosports activities.ACI is a National Sports Federation recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India.

Aero Club of India is affiliated to the International Organisation, Federation Aeronautique Internationmale (FAI) Switzerland, who are sole International Sporting body in the world, qualified to make and enforce rules to encourage and control all sporting aviation events and records, both for aeronautics and astronautics. ACI represent India in the FAI and perform their functions in this country.

Aero Club

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