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School Health Annual Report Programme (SHARP) is a non-govt. organization (NGO) with scientifically planned health programme for school children, professionally managed under the guidance of eminent medical experts, sociologists, educationist, psychologists, nutritional specialists and others who have vision of promoting healthcare of children throughout the third world countries.


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  • -Liaising and networking with stakeholders like government, various agencies -Documentation of the project -Planning Training program and developing training calendar -To organize the trainings and awareness session for the villages as per the training calendar -To build rapport with the villagers and meet the community leader -Follow up and will get the treatment under various government schemes -To ...

  • The mbbs doctor will do basic health check up of school going will understand their health status through general screening and to make required interventions. doctor will decrease the prevalence of diseases such as defective teeth, bad sight, deafness, anaemia as such diseases adversely affect the learning capacity of the students and cause ill health

  • -Incumbent will Conduct camps and activities in school -Incumbent will manage a pan India project on Improving health and nutritional status of school age children (primary school students) -Incumbent will train team of nutritionist and health educators and will be involved in project execution all across India

  • Incumbent will take sessions in schools.Should have good communication skills ...

  • -Plan and execute various projects -Manage events and mobilize people as and when required -Should be involved in execution as well as reporting of CSR initiative -Coordinating activities, resources, equipment and information -Liaising with clients to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives -Making certain that client’s needs are met as the project evolves Candidate should be MSW

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